This Library contains information and forms needed on an employee's first day of work.

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Application for New Social Security Card

Background Check Consent Form

E-Verify - Public Works Contractors - ALERT

Employee Handbook Acknowledgement

Employee Information - Medical Emergency Form

Employee Information Form

Employee Orientation Acknowledgement Page

Employee Photo Release Form

FMLA - Employers with 50 or More Employees - ALERT OVERVIEW

Health Insurance - FORM - Waiver of Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance - NOTICE - CHIP Model Notice

Hiring Bonus Form

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification - English - expires 10-31-2022

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification - Spanish - expires 10-31-2022

I-9 Internal Audit Information and Checklist - ALERT

Independent Contractor Agreement

Injured Employee Packet Acknowledgement

Job Description Acknowledgement

New Employee Requirements - ALERT

New Hire Form - Pennsylvania

New Hire Reporting Form and Instructions

Parental Consent for Drug/Alcohol Test for a Minor

Pennsylvania - Children's Health Program (CHIP) - ALERT

Pennsylvania - New Hire Report - ALERT

Release of Medical Records to Employee Representative

Request for Criminal Record Check

Request for Driver Information

Supervisor Day 1 Checklist - Pennsylvania

Video-Audio Monitoring Consent Form

Voluntary Self Identification of Disability - English - OFCCP

Voluntary Self Identification of Disability - Spanish

Withholding Funds from Paycheck Form - Exempt from Overtime Employees

Withholding Funds from Paycheck Form - Overtime Eligible Employees