Risk Management Services

Since 1992 our Human Resource and Safety Risk Management Services have helped our clients:

  • Reduce costs associated with work-related injuries, OSHA citations, unemployment compensation and employment practices claims
  • Increase regulatory compliance
  • Attract and retain long term productive employees 


 Contact Us with questions or contact Dr. Mel Cooksey directly at [email protected] or 610-476-6326.



We provide human resource and safety policies, customized comprehensive handbooks, manuals, forms and hands-on support (via telephone, fax, email, videos, web site and webinars), including:

  • EXPANDED: 300+ Safety & Human Resource Risk Management ‘searchable’ ALERTS
  • State and Federal Postings and Forms
  • Customized handbooks, manuals, checklists and forms that can be used on computers, tablets and cell phones and retrieved via URLs on your website or ours


Our Safety Department Services include:

  • Certified Safety Committee Accreditation including electronic submission, ‘live’ webinars and video meetings
  • State Required ‘Annual’ Training via Webinar
  • Customized Reference Health & Safety Manual, Checklists & Training Materials
  • ISNetworld, BROWZ, PICS/Avetta, ConstructSecure and NRG Certification
  • EXPANDED: 200+ Weekly Safety Committee Meeting Agendas and Toolbox Talks formatted to comply with Pennsylvania’s Certified Safety Committee guidelines
  • EXPANDED: 300+ OSHA Fact Sheets & Quick Cards, in English & Spanish as available
  • Videos for Monthly Safety Committee meetings and Health & Safety Topics
  • HOTLINE Support to Answer Your Questions


Our Human Resource Department Services include:

  • Customized Employee Handbooks and Benefits Overview
  • Human Resource Related forms, policies and procedures from Employment Application through Employment Termination and Job Descriptions
  • Videos & Training Materials including Harassment Prevention and Defensive Driving
  • Support to Answer Your Questions via phone, email and website


Our Employee Handbooks, Benefits Manuals and Health & Safety Manuals are:

  • Customized to meet a client’s needs
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Indexed and a Table of Contents for ease of use
  • Viewable on desktop and laptop computers, Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets


In addition, the Employee Handbook, Benefits Manual, and Health & Safety Manuals and related documents are accessible via URLs that can viewed, printed and password protected 24/7.


Samples can be viewed:


Comprehensive Customized Services for 12 months of services and support via phone, email & website:

  • $2,250 - Full Service Support Human Resource Department services including a customized Employee Handbook, related HR forms and postings, and support via hotline, online, website and email; note: there are additional charges for clients with employees in more than 1 state (typically, $250 per additional state)
  • $2,500 - OSHA Based Health & Safety Reference Manual
  • $3,000 - Compliance Certification Services for ISNetworld, Avetta, ConstructSecure and NRG Certification


Follow Up Support & Training Services:

  • $1,250 - $1,750 - Annual Support via hotline, online, website and email
  • $500 - ANNUAL Certified Safety Committee Training via Webinar


Certified Safety Committee Services (details are below):

  • $1,250 - Standard Package for 12 months
  • $1,500 - Video Package for 12 months
  • $2,250 - Webinar Package for 12 months (This package includes the Video Package.)



Having effective monthly safety meetings that lead to a Certified Safety Committee have many benefits:

  • A guaranteed 5% discount on Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums
  • Additional workers’ compensation insurance discounts since we can find more insurance carriers who will quote your business
  • A safer work environment, typically resulting in reduced work-related injuries which will further reduce workers’ compensation insurance costs.


We provide Certified Safety Committee services in 3 ways. All packages include:

  • 12 months of services and support
  • Guidance on forming the safety committee to ensure it meets Pennsylvania’s guidelines
  • Monthly meeting agendas
  • Review of monthly meeting minutes
  • Monthly safety committee meeting reminders to keep clients on track
  • "Annual" safety committee training via webinar
  • Preparation of the Workplace Safety Certification Application
  • Telephone, email and website support to answer any safety committee related questions


Standard Package - $1,250 for 12 months

  • Each month we email you the safety committee agenda in an Adobe “fillable form” format.
  • You conduct the meeting each month, complete the minutes, and submit online, email or fax to us.
  • We review the meeting minutes each month and provide you with recommendations, as necessary.
  • We complete the documentation required by the state.


Video Package - $1,500 for 12 months

  • This package allows our clients to view the monthly meeting any day or time each month.
  • Each month you will receive the Video URL allowing you to view, listen to and stop/start the meeting
  • Each month we email you the safety committee agenda in an Adobe “fillable form” format.
  • You conduct the meeting each month, complete the minutes, and submit online, email or fax to us.
  • We review the meeting minutes each month and provide you with recommendations, as necessary.
  • We complete the documentation required by the state.


Webinar Package - $2,250 for 12 months

NOTE: The Webinar Package includes the Video Package also.

This package not only saves our clients time but we have found that clients are much more successful in not missing any monthly meetings.  It is also very beneficial to organizations with multiple locations or to organizations that have safety committee members who are typically not in a single location.

  • Meetings are conducted via webinar (CISCO Webex®) offering a Q&A format.
  • Meetings cover a designated safety topic in addition to other timely safety issues and concerns.
  • Committee members can participate in the “live” webinar meetings via computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, or other compatible formats.
  • Committee members communicate with the moderator either verbally or privately using a “chat” function.
  • Committee members do not have to be in the same location.
  • You have your choice of meetings that take place 15 or more times each month.
  • You register online.
  • You receive a registration confirmation email.
  • The day before the webinar you receive a “reminder” with a URL link to the agenda and related documents that will be part of the webinar meeting.
  • One hour before the meeting you receive an emailed INVITATION with the log-on information.
  • Once the webinar is completed you will receive your completed minutes in an Adobe format for posting.

Pennsylvania requires the following:

  • Monthly safety committee meetings (documented with an Agenda & Minutes);
  • Each committee must have at least 4 representatives: 2 employer representatives (management) and 2 employee representatives (non-management).  See definitions below;
  • The committee must be comprised of personnel, both employer and employee representatives, who are selected from and reasonably represent those job functions located at all auxiliary or satellite employer locations;
  • No more than 50% of the committee can represent management;
  • At least 51% of the designated safety committee members must attend each of the monthly meetings;
  • All safety committee members must attend (via webinar) the required Annual Training once each year (this can be done immediately following a safety committee meeting or at a separate time);
  • Definitions:
  • Employer representatives are individuals who, regardless of job title or labor organization affiliation, and based upon an examination of that individual’s authority or responsibility, do one or more of the following:  select or hire an employee; remove or terminate an employee; direct the manner of employee performance; control the employee.
  • Employee representatives are individuals who perform services for an employer for valuable consideration and do not possess any authority or responsibility described above.